Epic Sales Reps wanted for Holographic Skate Coasters.

We need people who know about skating to:

  1. call up Sk8 Shops (2,000+) & let them know we exist
  2. & then help them order some boxes 🙂

Responsibilities include:

  • The sales rep basically has to call a bunch of sk8 shops, & make some sales (we do all the shipping).
  • Log the info (get their name, payment information, shipping address)
  • & probably some follow-up emails, stuff like that…

What will you be selling?:

  1. Mainly, we’ll have you focused on selling Holographic Skate Coasters to 2,000+ sk8 shops

  2. 2ndly, (add-ons, up-sales) most shops will also want to carry our other products too:

                     Other products these shops may want to carry:

                                  – Holograph Snow Coasters
                                  – Holograph Surf Coasters
                                  – The Holographic Internet (key chains, coasters, wireless phone chargers, etc…)
                                  -and other ones too…

*a box is 100 coasters. We sell a box of 100 coasters for $300.

*Shops can buy large amounts, and small amounts, & will also reorder/ restock our products



  • Sales Reps work on commission. Every box you sell, we’ll give you $50 (25% commission).

                     basic math:
                            if you sell 12 boxes a week… that’s $600/wk ($31,200/yr)
                            if you sell 24 boxes a week… that’s $1,200/wk ($62,400/yr)
                            if you sell 50 boxes a week… that’s $2,500/wk ($130,000/yr)

best job in the world, & you can make tons of money too.

How to get started:

Step 1:

email us your info/ resume with a paragraph about yourself to our email:


we’ll hit you back fast, and if we don’t, DM us on our insta, or our dlive channel