join the fucking team:

we need a bunch of skaters to help pitch in.

we got all kinds of projects/ dope shit we can all do:

check it out:


contribute to Holographic Skate Coasters… we’re basically a holographic magazine.

write up some sick articles & we’ll make it 4D/ add it to our 4D sk8 mag.
We’re looking for skate shit, music articles, articles about interesting places, people, businesses, animals, history, sk8 tech, new/ old products whatever…
                      How we’ll do it:
                               Step 1: hit us up, pitch the article
                               Step 2: make/ send in an article
                               Step 3: get your shit published/ featured in the 4D sk8 mag
  • We’re also looking for 3D Modelers (.fbx .obj model makers)/

  • We’re also looking for Unity / C# Developers

  • and we’re also looking for Website / Crypto people

hit us up:



put up stickers/ posters everywhere across the country/ world

                      How to do it:

                               Step 1: send us your address if you’re down & we’ll mail you some stickers/ posters/ decals, whatever.
                               Step 2: put em up/ hand them out to people
                                        *(put them up at hot spots, sk8 parks, sk8 shops, etc… don’t put them up at weird/ illegal spots obviously)
                               Step 3: PaRtY


we’ll try to help fund concrete bags to throw towards DIY park builders

                      How we’ll do it:

                               Step 1: We’ll set up donation links for DIY (do it yourself) SK8 PARKS. We’ll start off with one, and then see how it goes…
                               Step 2: Once shit is set up, we can all promote it at the same time online & IRL or something…
                               Step 3: Buy bags of concrete (or rent a concrete truck) and hook up some DIY skatepark makers.
                               Step 4: We’ll make a tile Augmented Reality art piece & tie a AR/VR 4D VIEWR scene to it.
                               Step 5: PArty. 


we can’t talk about it here

                      How we’ll do it:

                               Step 1: …
                               Step 2: …
                               Step 3: …
                               Step 4: … film it
                               Step 5: PArty. 

email us: